Ensure the safety and security of your clients' and organisation's payment card data


What is PCI-DSS?

Any organisation that stores, processes or transmits card data will need a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certificate (PCI-DSS). Failing to obtain one could lead to heavy fines or even a ban on accepting card payments. 

How does PCI-DSS play an important role in your cyber security posture?

○ Ensures the security of your clients' payment        data and boosts their trust in your organisation.

○ Secures your organisation's data and defends      against data breaches.

○ Helps you to avoid costly fines and lawsuits that    come with non-compliance.

How Falanx Cyber can help

Through education and review, Falanx Cyber's Qualified Security Advisors provide a hands-on approach to help your organisation become PCI-DSS compliant.

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